Monday, February 2, 2009

Week #13 - Booze Booze Snooze.

Hello Hello,

Blogging from the office here so I'll keep it short and simple; as simple as I can be that is.

So yeah, week #12 is missing a post as I was at my relatives place in Kuantan, Pahang and they didn't have any internet. That and I was drinking waaaay too much for Chinese New Year. Did a lot of boozing this past week as well so here's the damage. I'm 66kgs now and look.... more or less the same, maybe developing a belly again.

Beer belly in the making? Le-gasp.

Well now, I've gotten used to my regiment again and feel a whole lot stronger that I was two weeks back so it's time to up the ante!

Amir's Get Back Into Shape Routine (part two)
4 sets of 15 Swiss Ball Push-ups
4 sets of 15 Bicycle Crunches
4 sets of 12 Swiss Ball Bench Presses
5 sets of 6(or as much as I can do) Chin-ups
Workout days : Mon, Wed, Fri
Cardio Training : 1 hour / 200 sets of Jumping Jacks each morning

That should help me lose the belly that's starting to take shape. Let's hope it works eh?

Anyways, I mentioned something about getting adequate rest and what not and yes, it's quite obvious that you NEED rest but how much is too much and how little is too little? The general rule is 8 hours of sleep each night at regular hours. It is true but to a certain extent of course, I personally find that I need at least 9 hours of sleep a day due to the uncertain nature of my work and it has so far worked in the past 3 weeks as I don't seem to feel any weaker during the weekend.

The best way to gauge if you're getting enough rest is this, set a workout routine for yourself and by the second or third session if you feel that you can seem to complete your sets then you're not getting enough rest. It's a no-brainer but you'd be suprised by how many people get demotivated by this. What and when you eat are determining factors as well but that's logic really, just don't work out when you're starving and don't workout till after you've digested your food. Simple.

If you stick to this closely you should either lose weight consistently and feel fresh everyday or just maintain your current body shape but still feel good. If it's the latter, you're not pushing yourself enough then. Heh.

Well, I need to get back to work.


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