Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #14 - Life Turned Flip Side Up

Hello hello,

Not a good time to blog, work is getting even more hectic than before and I've just haven't had the time to weigh myself or even take a picture. As for workouts... last week was just pathetic, I only managed to do two out of three workout sessions. Sort of made up the third session by climbing the hill near my house. That was a nice workout mind you, felt like I was doing a little bit of HIIT.

Anyways, can't talk long but as a result of that hike, I've decided to sacrifice some sleep time and do ALL of my workouts in the morning - 6am in the morning that is. It's the same as before but I go for a 1 1/2 hour walk covering about roughly 7km in that span of time. I'll be doing that 5 times a week so I'm reintroducing my old routine which works out like this:-

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
4x15 Swiss-ball Pushups
5x12 Bicycle Situps
4x12 Swiss-ball Bench Presses
5x5 Chin-ups

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
4x12 Swiss-ball Squats
4x10 Dumbbell Lunges
4x12 Bicep Curls
4x12 Shrugs

Sundays will be rest day but I'll do a spot of hiking in the mornings. Plan to use the hike as a gauge of sorts to see my overall fitness level.

Well that's that. I gotta get back to work.


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