Monday, February 9, 2009

WEEK #14 - Stalemate


Not a great week in terms of weight loss. Checked the scales and I'm back at 67kgs. Major shock. Here's how I look:-

Not much difference in terms of pictures but weight-wise...

Something went wrong in my regiment and it could be any of these or worst, all of them.

  • Not drinking enough water. I need about 3 litres a day since I'm in a cold dry environment most of the time. The skin on my hands are dry and peeling, that's a sign.
  • Meals are at irregular times and of varying sizes. I have more or less two meals a day and lunch is usually the heaviest. I also have dinner extremely late, around 9-10pm. Lunch is at 1pm now.
  • Not working out hard enough, I do feel that I'm only targeting my core and not enough on my lower body muscles. They're important as they are the biggest muscle group in your body, next to your back muscles. Will work on that as early as next week.
  • No more long walks. I used to walk a total of 30-40km a week which in my opinion really helps with fat burning. Gonna try and organize weekly hikes up a hill near my house, which should get me walking at least 20km a week.
  • Not enough sleep. Well, I can't fix this fully but I'll try to get at least 7-8 hours on average.
  • TOO MUCH BOOZE! Not a problem now since I'm saving up cash for a trip to Europe this November. Heh.
That's my list and it's looong. Well, I need to build more discipline and hopefully I can hit my goal of 60kg by the end of June. It is demoralizing but getting past this hiccup will be an awesome feeling.

Well, I need to get some sleep.


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