Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week #4 - Work Begins!


Good Morning/Afternoon.

First things first, let's see how I look like on week #4.

Alright I suppose...

Anyways, I hit the 66kg mark this week! Well, 66.5kg actually. But nevertheless, I managed to shed off a lot of the partying weight I picked up last week! Another kilogram or two and I'll finally hit my first goal! It'll be tough though. Why?

I have just started working.


As a Jr. Video Editor.

That means 12-16 hour workdays, 5-6 days a week. How the hell am I gonna get the time to work out?

So far, I've been managing to cram in my strength training as outlined in my most recent post. There is a nice strain I experience every time I do the routines though. I suppose pushing my body when it's mentally and physically tired is sort of good, results wise that is. But there is one thing that sort of bums me out though.

I can't go for my walks anymore. It's just not possible at 10pm at night, well it sort of is, but nobody is crazy enough to join me. I'm pretty sure somebody will tell me to do it early in the morning before I head off to the office but here's how it'll end up, time wise.

5:00am (wake up and go for my walk) -> 7:30am (return from my walk) -> 9:00am (head to work) -> 10:00pm (return from work) -> 11:00pm (hit the weights) -> 12:30am (sleep)
4 hours and 30 minutes of sleep!

Here's the schedule I wish I could do but nobody wants to join me in doing:-

8:30am (wake up) -> 9:00am (head to work) -> 10:00pm (return from work) -> 10:30pm (go for walk + hit the weights) -> 1:00am (Sleep)
7 hours and 30 minutes of sleep!

Makes sense to me to cram it all at night. I could cut down the amount of time I go out for my walk as well. But there is a really big difference in the amount of sleep I get. But for now, I'll just do my weights. Ah yes, I stopped working out on weekends as I think I'd have the best opportunity to recover my battered mind and aching body.

Well, that's that. Let's hope I'll still be able to lose weight and gain some muscle despite working like a crazy.

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