Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week #5 - Moving Places.

Yohoho, 'tis getting closer and closer to christmas. Here's this week's progress picture.

Really bad photo, why did I tuck my chin in?

Anyhoo, weighed myself first thing in the morning and I'm at 66kgs flat. So while it's a small dip, it's working out pretty nicely. This certainly helped me feel a bit better after waking up with a hangover. Mezcal + Herbal Therapy = Major Headache.

This week was a test of sorts. I dropped walking completely. Did weight training every night after work before I went to sleep. To manage to still lose weight has surprised me really. All I need to do is increase the intensity of my workout and I should be able to make up for the lack of brisk walking. Had to sacrifice two days of weight training this week due to me packing up my huge collection of books and dvds and whathaveyous. I'm pretty sure running up and down the stairs in my current place helped offset my lack of work out on those two days.

Here's what I've been thinking of doing. It's called Circuit Training. So it's something similar to HIIT but involving weight training. My circuit works like this:-

Mon, Wed, Fri
Elevated Pushups (15 reps) -> Bicycle Crunches (20 reps) -> Chin Ups (10 reps)

Tue, Thurs, Sat
Dumbbell Squats (8 reps w/ 21 kgs) -> Calf Raise (12 reps) -> Dumbbell Lunges (12 reps w/ 21kgs) -> Dumbbell Shrugs (12 reps w/ 21kgs)

Circuit is repeated 5 times with 2 minutes of rest in between each circuit.

That's the current plan, I've actually tried it on Wednesday and it felt good and really had a similar effect to HIIT. So I'll stick to it for the next week and see if my body can cope. Heh. Work hours are pretty good right now so I'm usually at the office for not longer than 10 hours. Well, I've gotta get back to moving. Will post pictures of my new room hopefully.


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