Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week #3 - Awesome Week, Bad Progress.

Ugh. I begin this post today by saying, Alcohol and Cigarettes = slow recovery and general tiredness. So here's this week's picture:-
Hat from last night's party and still wearing the same pajamas...

So yeah, stepping on the scale, I sadly regressed instead of progressing. I'm back at 68kgs and while i do feel that my body fat percentage is lower than last week, due to the lack of exercising and excessive partying, I'm not getting muscle definition. Damn. So I'm not very pleased this week and with the signs of another fever coming up, I hope to feel better next week and punish myself with 6 days worth of exercise!

Next week's plan will be the same as this week as I didn't get to really stick to it but with me being broke. I'm pretty sure there'll be no partying. :D

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Anonymous said...

Well I can see a slightly better def in your abs. :P Plus I won't need to get you the manbra for Xmas anymore. It's getting more defined. :)