Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week #6 - So-So

Well, after a week of Circuit Training. Here's what I look like:-

New room, not new camera, not mine actually.

So, I'm back at 66.5kgs. Not too sure what's with the raise, could be lack of sleep; I've only been getting something like 4-5 hours of sleep a day. It could be me not consuming enough protein to build muscle. I have no idea, maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough during training.

However, Circuit Training is TOUGH. Really tough. By the 4th lap I'm usually begging for mercy so it makes me work up a real good sweat. I'm gonna watch my diet more closely next week and the only snacks I'll eat in between meals are gonna be fruits. I have a feeling "Choc o' Clock" at the office might play a part in my 500g raise in body weight.

In other news, I'll be getting new weights and finally, a Swiss Ball! Something useful for Christmas I suppose. :D

Well, that's that. Let's see what next has to show!


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